I’m Cranky: Pink Ribbons and Religion are Getting on my Nerves

I woke up with a UTI yesterday. In case you are unaware UTI is an acronym for crotch on fire. At 10am I took a Tramadol, it’s the first time I’ve taken a narcotic in over a year. In case you were wondering the pain was so outrageous that I didn’t even get loaded. Sad really. After … Read more

This Is My Abortion [dot com] isn’t What You Think and Here’s an Interview with Jane

Yesterday I stumbled across ThisIsMyAbortion.com. I was waiting to see one of the graphic fetal images that protesters like to wave around on signs but instead I saw these images. It’s not particularly dramatic and won’t tug on anyone’s heart strings. I was (still am) fascinated by the site and immediately asked Jane for an … Read more

I Told My Doctor I’d Get an Abortion

I have RA. That’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. Had I become symptomatic twenty years ago I’d be disabled by now and unable to type. Because of science and research (and insurance) I’m in really good shape. I take a handful of pills each day and an injection each month. Once in a while you’ll hear me moan … Read more

Preparing Myself for Rape as Best I Know How

Kansas leaves me speechless and I can’t help but wonder who is living there. I know many wonderful Kansans and they don’t appear to be the sort of people who hate women. I’m assuming their neighbors are. In Topeka Kansas a bill has been approved that would require women to get separate insurance to cover … Read more