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Interviewing for Schools… Yeah, Elementary School

Yesterday we interviewed for sixth grade. Yes, it was a we and yes, it’s a 6th grade interview that requires the presence of two parents and one fifth grade child. If you aren’t in Los Angeles or New York this may seem foreign and perhaps even silly, but if you’re in my area I assure you it’s just part of life.

We toured and interviewed yesterday and fell madly in love with a school that nearly replicates my middle school experience. Just after visiting the koi and turtle pond I heard “Jessica! Jessica!” and turned only to see my ex-stepsister who apparently works there, but I’d forgotten. It always shocks me to see her because although a 35 year old mother of two is standing in front of me I see only a smiling 12 year old with braces and a fondness for her thoroughbred. It wouldn’t really be an LA story without mention of one of my parents five weddings.

The interview went well. The school is clearly the right school for Alexander and now we just wait until spring time to hear back from them. Since he’d be leaving the K-8 school he currently attends there’s a small part of me that hopes he won’t be accepted so we don’t have to make any decision. Maybe they’ll be like, “We don’t really want any straight A students who got excited about learning Chinese. Sorry, we’re just more interested in some C students whose parents may or may not pay the bills.”

My tennis partner thought it was funny that we had to apply to these schools. She said, “Wait, let me get this straight. You’re going to go and beg to spend money for school when there’s a free one down the road?” My tennis partner has no children.

So today I’m sitting here panicking, and trying to shake the crazy off of me. I’m also looking at a few other schools, mostly because I was made to feel so awful about the money we’re spending on tuition.

Catholic school maybe? I attended one… on the days when it was too cold to go to the beach.

Oh also, Alexander brought a deck of cards with him for the interview and did a trick for the admissions officer. Enjoy these card tricks.