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Alli Worthington

Twitter: Tech Talk Tuesday

Last week Jeff Pulver was nice enough to give me the stage at his 140 Conference (again) here’s my take on monetizing your twitter stream. A huge thank you to Real Player, I adore a company that supports my community, and providing video for all of us is incredibly generous.

The companies I mention in my speech are Sponsored Tweets, Magpie and Twittad. I’ve spoken with the CEOs of all three companies, and I can tell you from the top down, they are good. My review stream is at JessReviews. I’d love you to follow me there.

If you don’t really understand twitter and want a primer, I recommend The Smart Girls Guide to Twitter. Alli has been in this space for a long time, and just this morning I had a phone call with her where she shared some really great advice. It’s always good to learn.