Jane is About to be Grounded for the Rest of Her LIFE

Earlier this week I got an email. Here is the exact text: Hi! Just letting you know that Jane volunteered for the 6:45-7:30 shift at the pancake breakfast.  If this is a problem, please let know! I’ll leave the front gate popped open so people can get into the school. See you then! What am … Read more

Someday I’ll Tell You About Kenmore

Traveling to Chicago in the winter is a bear. It’s cold and the traffic is miserable. If there’s only one thing you ever learn from me in your entire life let it be this: There is a train station in O’Hare Airport. Use it. I was really happy to meet so many women who I’ve … Read more

The One Where I Told My Son We Could Stop After He Puked

I’m tired and lazy. August might be a little sporadic with the posting. Jane is back from Outward Bound. It sounds like it was an incredible experience, and it’s one I’ll invite her to talk more about. There were some harrowing moments with a tipped over canoe but it sounds like she was with an … Read more

Fire Your Receptionist

So I called a pediatric optometrist to talk about vision therapy for Alexander’s eyes.   RECEPTIONIST: Does he have ambliopia or strabismus? ME: Both. RECEPTIONIST: [clucking her tongue] Oh that’s bad. [she rattles some keys on her keyboard and asks] And does his eye turn in or out? ME: It used to turn in, and now … Read more