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Ana Flores

Jose Andres Is not Ana Flores’ Husband

Recently I was at an event for PBS. I was sitting at a table with some friends, and my friend Ana Flores came to join us. Ana is a Latina woman whose husband I have never met.

Trust me, this detail matters.

Anna came to the table with a man who was a bit older than she, somewhat paunchy, and clearly Latino. They both greeted my friends like old friends, so I assumed this was her husband. He introduced himself as Jose. I shook his hand and maintained disinterest. It just wasn’t the moment to meet a husband.

This was the late afternoon of a long day and we had a table of girlfriends. I didn’t want to meet anyone’s husband, it wasn’t appropriate and I wasn’t in the mood to meet Ana’s husband, Jose. He kept me on my feet and blocked my seat, so I had him get out of my way a bit.

Jose then left our table and took his place at the podium where he was introduced as Chef Jose Andres. Nice.