Trunx Free Photo Storage Offer & Giveaway

So I downloaded Trunx, gave it permission to store my photos and sat back in delight and watched the past 7 years appear in a beautiful timeline organized by date. I was able to scroll through and delete a few photos (how many pictures of my car’s thermometer reading “perfect weather” have I taken?). I can even delete them by group.

Notabli (Wisely) Launches on Data Privacy Day

January 28 is Data Privacy Day and it’s a day that most bloggers ignore because we’re all so busy over sharing our lives that I’m not sure that any of us would even know what to do. I don’t. Know I mean… It’s just sort of ingrained in me that if a picture, video or text is sent on my iPhone it’s meant to be shared. That’s become my work device and my work doesn’t include a whole lot of privacy. Not eveyone is a blogger. Not every parent is an oversharer. … So You Can Sleep Through Black Friday (now called

Remember when I said that we spent November 10th shopping? Remember when I told you my Mom hates shopping? Well, my mom hates shopping less when the folks from hand her a little envelope of cash. So basically with the Savvy app (or website) you take the items that you want and put them on a “want” list. This is good for people who aren’t me. If you’re me, you take the items you want and put them in your home. I have little use for delayed gratification and …

Tech Talk Tuesday: Phones Play and Apps

Okay guys, I’m going on a Mommy Blogging bent for Tech Talk Tuesday. Telephones: Do not give up your land line. I know we all love our cell phones, but you absolutely must not give up your land line because you won’t have 911. E911 is the service associated with you cell phone and with VOIP. E911 does not go to your nearest police station, poison control or firehouse. My cell phone’s 911 sends me to the California Highway Patrol. I’m in Los Angeles, talking to a dispatcher as far …

DirecTv Releases their iPhone App

If you’re as addicted to your DVR as I am,then you’ll be the first to get this iPhone App for DirecTv. You can get it at the App store at midnight tonight (or so I hear).