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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pot Is Political: And It’s Big Business Too

This is my governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, smoking marijuana. This is not the only video of him getting stoned on marijuana.

Our president has smoked pot, and our past president snorted cocaine. Yet, today this came over the PR Newswire:

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Director Gil Kerlikowske spoke about the need to expand the capacity of Drug Courts as well as create new ones. “Drug Court embodies the Obama Administration’s approach to drug control, effectively combining treatment and sanctions.

Make no mistake the National Association of Drug Court Professionals is a large and well organized group. Drug Court is not free and the only reason it exists is because the sale of drugs is illegal.

If you’re afraid to travel to Mexico because of the violence, it’s probably because of the illegal drug trade. If your prisons are overcrowded, it’s probably because of the illegal drug trade. If the courts are overrun it’s because of the illegal drug trade. Neighborhood falling to shit? Drug trafficking.

Just imagine city hall being deluged with work and forms because new businesses are popping up everywhere. Imagine tax revenue increasing because marijuana is now part of a buiness model instead of a cash deal.

Imagine your child buying marijuana, because I promise you they will,  would you like it to be from behind a counter, or from a criminal?

There’s no part of our drug policy that makes sense, fiscally for the sake or public health or otherwise.