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Where Is Average Joe and Joanne?

I’m hard at work on a new show and my friend Adrienne and I were in search of subjects for the pilot. Without giving too much detail away I’ll just say that we went to a local mom hangout just after drop off this morning to go shove a camera in people’s faces and talk to them. I swear I was so incredibly nervous when I spoke to the first two strangers and the second two strangers were a little better but when I ran down a canyon after the third set of strangers and got in front of them with my camera I was like, “Oh, I know you.” Because they’re on TV, in fact you know them because they’re on a ridiculously popular reality show.

The two after that were famous too but I’m too suburban to know who they are. They’re younger than I am and the only clue I’ll give you is this.

We had some lovely ladies, a couple of jerks and a couple who wasn’t a couple but rather they’d met while performing on Broadway.

Living in LA is too weird, our Average Joe is a SAG member and signs release forms while muttering, “My agent’s going to kill me.”