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Sometimes My Train of Thought Hits A Bump In The Road

My family loves sports. My husband loves Major League Baseball, as do my children. I love my family. Recently we were at a Dodger Game and I noticed something.

Dodgers LaundryI really am impressed by it, and if anyone from Major League Baseball would care to let me know, I’d be thrilled.

I also have some questions about ironing. I noticed (with the Yankees in particular) that some of the players have a nice crease on their sleeves, while others don’t. How is that decided? Is it player preference? Do you starch their uniforms or is there an extra seam?

One last baseball question? How come these guys can’t pick up their own bats? I know they’re famous and all, but really? After they strike out they can’t bend over and pick up their own bat? Would that be too much to ask?