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Beer Diplomacy

Can We Meet In Person Already?

I have a few wonderful events coming up, and I want to see all of you. Both of you… whatever.

First off is the 140 Conference. April 20th will be my third 140 Conference, and I don’t even know that I can describe to you what I take away from it. Jeff Pulver has the unique ability to get the brightest and most progressive folks from the web and beyond into one room for an exchange of ideas. I’m off to New York for it, and I hope you’ll meet me there, because it’s going to be fabulous. I’ll be speaking on the afternoon of the 20th. I’ve promised myself that this time I won’t say fuck.

For all my Los Angeles friends, there’s a Wii tennis tournament in Redondo Beach on May 8th that I’d like to see you at. Once again it’s a fundraiser for the UN Refugee program. I’ve talked about it before, but with the crisis in Somalia there is no shelter for folks in adjoining countries. For just a $10 donation, we’d like you to join us. Clare has put together a terrific website where you can register for the event. As always, you can donate here. If you would like to sponsor the event with products for raffles or silent auction please email me, we’d be happy to have your support.

If I can’t see you in New York or Los Angeles, then we’ll all have to settle for next best. Thursday night I’ll be a guest at Beer Diplomacy, only I’ll be drinking wine… because, ya know, I’m difficult that way. All you have to do is go to Beer Diplomacy at 9PM Eastern Time this Thursday. Stuart Tracte, CC Chapman and I will discuss the issues of the day. I will attempt to not say fuck here too, but quite often I fail.

If that’s not enough for you, then I guess you’ll have to watch me at Mingle Media TV. Yep, every Wednesday morning at 10am Pacific (that’s 1pm Eastern), I’ll be discussing some of the marketing campaigns that catch my eye. There’s some really great stuff happening out there, and much of it is overshadowed by the boneheaded moves that are all too easy to spot. Are You Marketing To Me should be an awful lot of fun, and I’m grateful to Mingle Media TV for giving me a chance to try something new. For the full press release click here.