I’m a Twexpert Giving Twitter Twips: Using the @ Reply Function on Twitter

@jessicagottlieb has written this wonderful post about recognizing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis bit.ly/1bqc7JD — Arthritis Queensland (@ArthritisQLD) June 11, 2013     This is a tweet that I wish you’d seen but probably didn’t. There are a lot of tweets like this one and if you haven’t been on twitter for 928 years (or … Read more

Why Aren’t You Using G+?

I love G+ because I can select who is in my circles. I’ve got a couple thousand people who pepper my timeline with electic yet interesting news items and I work hard to share the best of the web as I see it.  Periodically I share a bit of my own work there, but like … Read more

After I Friend My Daughter on Facebook I’m Going to be My Son’s Prom Date

Jane’s big Hanukkah gift this year was Facebook. She’s allowed to be on the social network so long as she uses it appropriately. There are two big rules on Facebook: Everything you write is always public (even if it’s a private message, even if you’ve blocked someone, even if, even if….) You cannot be friends … Read more

Best Practices: .org and why Your For-Profit Organization Shouldn’t Use It

This morning I spent four hours on the telephone trying to find services for someone I love. Since we are in the preliminary stages of finding these services I emailed some friends, took their recommendations and then looked up the websites of the facilities and starting calling. You can tell a lot from a phone … Read more