Nate and Al’s of Beverly Hills With my Mother

It’s a relatively new blog so y’all haven’t had a chance to see one of the funniest people I know.

My Mother.

Today we had a quick bite at Nate and Al’s. It was awesome sitting next to the dick who was complaining about how his wife wanted a ton of money for rent. Divorce is hard. I know. I marveled that his $50,000 Cartier Pasha had both a moonphase dial and a diamond crusted bezel. It must be hard, because if he could afford her rent he could’a shoved some diamonds up his ass all over the 18 karat gold band as well.

I digress

Our waitress was having a day. It was awesome when we asked her if the roast beef was rare and she just walked off. After we flagged her down she rolled her eyes and took our order.

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