Viv Albertine: Clothes – Music – Boys

Last night I finished Viv Albertine’s memoir Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.: A Memoir. I hadn’t planned on finishing it just yet. When I have a book that I find completely engrossing I typically leave the last thirty pages and read one a day. I like to give myself a month to live with … Read more


I’m going to spend the next two hours lying in the pool and reading this. I’m going to pretend that I’m the sister who left her children for a life of leisure and that my 14 year old daughter who happens to be home today is actually a butler who has no emotional needs. And … Read more

Fifty Shades of Grey and Why I’m Going to get Kicked Out of Book Club

My book club is reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone I know on Facebook and Goodreads is reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Months ago one of the Pocahontas‘ suggested I read it and I dutifully walked into Barnes and Noble only to find that it was backordered. And then I realized it was mom porn. I’m … Read more

Please Pass the Eyeglasses

A few months ago my Rheumatologist added Plaquenil to my drug cocktail. Before beginning Plaquenil you have to get an eye exam where they do some sort of baseline measurement of your peripheral vision. I went to UCLA and filled out the necessary paperwork while waiting to be seen. There was a little box that asked when … Read more