Motherhood and Tummy Tucks

Recently the world had a collective tantrum when a mother pretended to us all that she was injecting Botox into the face of her eight year old daughter. There was the anticipated media frenzy as well as a full-fledged social media firestorm condemning the mother, condemning the pageant culture and calling for law enforcement to … Read more

I Can’t Update My Blog

I can’t sit down to write because I’m totally obsessed with converting my iTunes files to MP3 so that I can share a presentation with all of you. It’s obnoxious and stupid because I could have spent the last two hours describing to you just how amazing it is to present to a group of … Read more

New Humiliation

Monday morning I had to go get an eye exam. “When was your last eye exam?” The doctor asked me. “Never.” I replied. “I’m only doing this because the rheumatologist needs it. I see everything.” “and you are forty…” she asked. “Yes.” “Well, in two to three years you’ll probably need glasses, that’s when it … Read more

My Looks Are Fading and It’s Okay With Me

“My looks are fading.” She said. It wasn’t meant to illicit pity, nor was she fishing for a compliment. It was a statement of fact, a pragmatic woman who is looking for a few fillers in the creases around her mouth and a dab of botox around the corners of her eyes. Yes, your looks … Read more