Q&A with Dr. Susan Porter author of Bully Nation: Why America’s Approach to Childhood Aggression is Bad for Everyone

I haven’t received my copy of Bully Nation yet but I was so enthralled by the title that I just had to do a quick Q&A with Dr. Porter. I’m looking forward to reading it and I’ll keep everyone updated on Goodreads. Every time someone says the word bully in my presence I shudder. I … Read more

After I Friend My Daughter on Facebook I’m Going to be My Son’s Prom Date

Jane’s big Hanukkah gift this year was Facebook. She’s allowed to be on the social network so long as she uses it appropriately. There are two big rules on Facebook: Everything you write is always public (even if it’s a private message, even if you’ve blocked someone, even if, even if….) You cannot be friends … Read more