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card tricks

Is it a Magical Phase?

Alexander is obsessed with card tricks. He comes home from school every day, does his homework and disappears into his room to learn a new magic trick from YouTube. He’s little, at ten his hands don’t fit on a deck of cards like mine do but he gets a little better each day. He’s learning the terminology and wants to teach us how he does the tricks.

Last week I took him to Ivan Amodei’s magic show last weekend. There was this thing with darts… let’s just say that Alexander has asked for darts and I’ve responded by purchasing more playing cards.


This weekend he asked me to help him enter a contest on YouTube. Since it’s dart free I’m still encouraging the hobby.

I’ve heard a lot of boys go through the I’m a Magician phase. I hope it’s not a phase, because this is one of the really good phases.