If Stripping is Recession Proof it Makes Sense to Get the Kids Started Young

Times are tough. I know that here in America we’ve added back a lot of jobs but The Great Recession knocked the wind out of our collective sails. Apparently Canada is having trouble too because some parents are signing their daughters up for for a series of pole dancing classes. Oh, and when I say … Read more

Children and Show Business?

I live in a factory town. The product here is television, don’t get me started on how all the movie productions have left Los Angeles. I grew up with kids who were working actors. As an adult I became friends with more than a few folks who had spent their childhoods auditioning and sometimes working. … Read more

If Your Five Year Old Isn’t Pole Dancing Now She’ll Never Be A Featured Dancer

Tammy Morris of Tantra Fitness is teaching five year old girls to pole dance, and group lessons are available for girls ages nine and older. I know you’re worried that your nine year old doesn’t yet know how to pole dance, but based on the names of the classes I think they’ll catch your daughter … Read more