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Cyber Monday Recommendations

This morning I’ve been shopping. I’ve scoured the web for a few things that I need to own (shaddup I do too need these things), and I’m sharing three with you.

Hurry, because these deals are done today.

T Mobile Cyber Monday Free G2 Phone

Click the image to get to T-Mobile

Get a free G2 phone with a two year contract at T-Mobile. Really. The G2 is the most nerdtastic android based phone to hit stores this year. People in my neighborhood love the T-Mobile 4G network, and I am absolutely thrilled to dump my old provider (who never did provide much anyhow). I’ve talked with the folks at T-Mobile in the past and they have some interesting options for kids phones as well. I’ll get the details of that another day and share with you. In the interim, I’m hopping onto a family plan and getting the kids phones for Hanukkah.

Clear Spot 4G for 80% off today

Click the image to get to Clear

Connect Everywhere! The Clear Network has launched with 4G coverage in Los Angeles. I’ve borrowed a unit, and I’m thrilled to work remotely without having to hope for someone else to share a wifi password with me. It’s ridiculously fast for a mobile connection, and the Clear Spot 4G is 80% off today.

Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive

Click the image to buy on Amazon

Get two terabytes of storage from Western Digital for $89.99. If you have a photographer or videographer in the family this is their must have peripheral. 2TB of storage is enough for a few years worth of images, or many computers worth of saved data. I know you think you can survive with a 500GB hard drive, but survival is different than living. Live it up and get the beast today. (it’s got very good reviews from heavy users)