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Coaching Soccer

Soccer week 4

Girls won, son didn’t play, he was punished. Severely.

Parenting sucks, it’s way easier to overlook this stuff.

My girls team is gelling, they’re hugging each other and passing and hanging out together after practice. Jane played against Bea (one of her teammates from the Spring season) and refused to stop hugging her. Uh, yeah, competitive spirit ladies?

I cannot begin to say how proud I was of Jane and and Bea. Bea rocked the field, she saved every shot on goal and punted it to heaven (gotta teach that kid to aim to a teammate and maybe not so far). Jane was the star of the field. She only had one goal this game (of three) but she had more breakaways than I could count and passed, tricked, changed direction and ball handled like Pele.

Once I coach a kid, they’re mine forever. You gotta try it, it’ll take your breath away.