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Still Moving Slowly

I’m pacing myself and not over committing this year. I’m spending more time with my IRL community and less time online.

The crazy thing is that my online content isn’t suffering. Maybe with fewer twitter updates I’ll actually have something to blog about? I ended up getting a new car last night and it wasn’t the Lexus. I’m kind of bummed because I did love my Lexus but now I’m on to loving something else. I’m sort of trashy that way in my ability to love lots of cars.

We’re having uniform issues. Alexander has a jacket for school that is practically new but has paint on it so he refuses to wear it. Instead he’s been wearing his sister’s sweatshirts to school and leaving them there. It’s 40 degrees in the mornings and both of my kids are freezing while a perfectly good jacket with two little bits of paint sits in my son’s locker.

It’s bizarre and to me seems a bit unreasonable that he doesn’t want to wear a stained coat. He’s not being persnickety he’s genuinely uncomfortable with it and now I have to figure out a way to get paint off the jacket or just staple the damn thing to his shirt so he has to wear it. By the way, it’s house paint. If anyone knows how to get paint off of fabric without ruining said fabric I’d be grateful.

Since it’s been freezing cold (I understand for your northerners that’s a relative term), I haven’t played much tennis. I’ve turned into an exercise class lady. Which is weird. I remember going to Jane Fonda’s Workout with my Dad’s friends when I was 10, 11 and 12 and wondering why anyone would exercise in a room, in a row and without a score. But I’m come to enjoy one of the local cardio classes. I’m still mostly uncoordinated and zig while the others zag but I’m getting there and it’s something to do when it’s too cold to sensibly exercise outside.

I’m still trying to figure out how you exercise a body with RA. It’s mostly depressing because I need the second hour to feel good and these joints just don’t have a second hour in them anymore.