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How Covergirl Stole My Tween

Jane is twelve and a (very important) half. Jane is in sixth grade, but some of her friends who are just a few months older are in seventh grade. A lot happens between sixth and seventh grade. In sixth grade they discover boys, and in seventh grade they discover makeup, and kissing.

Thankfully Jane and her friends adhere to all scientific principles and abhor a vacuum. If I walk with them and don’t speak they fill the void giving me every detail of their day, and every detail of their friends days too. I know who is kissing, who is “in love”, whose skirts are too short (all of them) and who the ringleaders are.

When I walked into Jane’s room this evening she and her friend were surfing the web (tabbed browsing) with the bottom tab they had YouTube streaming Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, all the while experimenting with makeup at

Their Makeup Mirror is somewhere beyond fabulous when you’re a tween, so I decided to use it for some of my own styles. I fear 41 is a tad bit too old for the blue shadow that the girls favor.

Jessica Gottlieb Blue Eyeshadow

Ready for the Jersey Shore

Jessica Gottlieb Covergirl

Maybe the lips are a little too red?

Jessica Gottlieb Ellen DeGeneres

I'm Just like Ellen