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Did Anyone At Deca Get A Picture Of The Cupcakes?

Last night I went to a super fun party at Lucky Strike. Deca had their holiday party and can I just tell you that is a good looking group.

Anytime I’m with Rebecca I’m happy, Katie and Gina are great and I met some new folks too. Katie was telling me that she was there for the births of both of Kim Prince’s boys. I was screeching, I cannot imagine witnessing childbirth on purpose. If there had been a way for me to stay home, I would have.

Mostly though, there were cupcakes. Chef David Lawrence (who I was too shy to introduce myself to) made cupcakes that were mind blowing. Let me tell you a little bit about me and food. I don’t love overly sweet desserts. I don’t think that cupcakes are the cutest thing in the world, and I’d shoot myself before I’d wait in line for them at one of these ridiculous cupcake bake shops. Unless Chef Dave made them. They were that good.

Last night’s cupcakes were a chocolate cake that actually tasted like chocolate (not just sweet) they were dense but not heavy, springy but not soggy, and they sat on a layer of graham cracker crust (I’m assuming it’s graham crackers and butter crust like I make?). The cupcakes were then topped off with a marshmallow frosting that was shockingly good.

Party = great

Cupcakes = life changing event

Dave, would you please post a video so I can make these? If anyone has a picture of the cupcakes, can you share it with me?