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Disneyland Is Not For Jewish Mommy Bloggers

Read about Ciaran’s experience at Disneyland. Here are some excerpts:

Hours went by as we made our way through the rest of the park, expecting at any moment to discover a nook or a cranny with a decorated dreidel. Underwater by Nemo? On Autotopia? Someplace in Tomorrowland? Alas, we spied nothing. Not until we were sailing through Pirates of the Caribbean.

Imagine this:

The eight branched candlelabra, considered the universal sign of hanukah, was overturned and broken in the window of a burning building.


the one menorah in the park that was not concealed within a ride. You can find it above the jewelers. [sic] The Disney attendant on duty went on to happily tell me that they not only had a menorah for hanukah but there was also more Jewish holiday decor in the form of a mezuzah on the door of Dr Silverstein’s office!

Oh, and by way of full disclosure, I’ve been invited to Disneyland by their PR department once. On the first day of Passover, you know, the day in between the two seders. When I explained to them that this was offensive they said that their head of PR is a Jew.

If you’re Jewish and you want your kids to have a holiday where they get to feel good, probably you should skip Disneyland.