Dr Google Was Sort of Right

I forgot to follow up with the funky knee. Last week I skipped the orthopedic surgeon and headed to my rheumatologist. This ended up being a really great decision for a number of reasons. My rheumatologist is incredibly conservative and never overbooked. Every appointment is timely and we’ve never been rushed. Dr. Rheum gave my … Read more

I Told My Doctor I’d Get an Abortion

I have RA. That’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. Had I become symptomatic twenty years ago I’d be disabled by now and unable to type. Because of science and research (and insurance) I’m in really good shape. I take a handful of pills each day and an injection each month. Once in a while you’ll hear me moan … Read more

A Little More Strabismus

This morning we were at UCLA before our 8am appointment. I know from past experience that two families will have 8am appointments, but one family will sign in first, and they will be first. Alexander had an eye exam, no dilation, but an exam nonetheless. I thought that today they would schedule a surgery, unfortunately even … Read more

Doctor Shopping

I have two very swollen knuckles. They’re very tender, and my range of motion is limited. I made an appointment with a rheumatologist as it’s been two years of discomfort and pain. Yes, two years. I guess I thought it would stop hurting? Today I had an appointment with a specialist at 2pm. At 2.40pm … Read more