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Zorbit’s Math (not a typo) at E3

If you ever want to feel like the mommiest mom blogger in the world get yourself a pass to E3 and behold long lines of (young) adult men waiting for the chance to play a video game. When I say long I mean LONG. Like remember when people used to wait in line for movies or concert tickets? Like that. It was crazy.

There were niche sections at E3 and, of course, Nintendo skewed a little more feminine and less warlike. There was also a video game museum which is not exactly filled ancient relics but well it has the stuff my childhood was made of.

Okay so Beazerk wasn’t exactly a learning tool.

Then I went to meet with Zorbit’s Math, which is likely to reflect be your child’s memory in 20 years. It’s a new app for the ipad that teaches pre-math skills. I’ll be working with them for a bit so get used to hearing about this one from me. It’s the first time having a master’s degree in education has actually proven to be useful. After 953 years of school I am an actual authority when I tell you that Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a fantastic game for your preschool child.

Kids (mostly four year olds) will learn sorting, colors, larger, smaller, in, out, left, middle, right, above & below and so much more. Best of all they’re playing. Oh wait, I lied. Best of all they’re playing independently. Zorbits doesn’t require reading. If you do decide that you need a little quiet time and kids put on a headset to play the sound automatically lowers, no blowing out little eardrums.

Sugar and I got a little demo of the app and fell in love with the characters. The game designers were there and we were like, “Do kids want to play it after they’ve finished all the levels?” That was a yes. “And what about little siblings?” Apparently they like popping bubbles with their fingers too. The word edutainment was everyone’s favorite and when we talked about math readiness and developmental stages they got all jumpy and excited and showed us a zillion ways that Zorbits was teaching kids to count even though they didn’t know it.

Most importantly I felt good talking to them in my penny dress. I know, tangent. I got this dress for a penny at Bloomingdales. I really liked it and I was all excited to be there on a 30% off day but when the sales clerk told me it was a penny I just about screamed and I’ve decided that I’m going to wear it every week until it’s threadbare. So enjoy a picture of Zorbir, Sugar, me and my penny dress.

E3 mom bloggers

Santa Monica Macaroni Kid gave a great breakdown of the app and it’s worth reading while we’re waiting for it to show up in the app store. Of course every Mamvation requires a Dad so Mark Segedie got to go to E3 (the guys at Zorbit’s Math gave him a bucket list day). Mark also goes into a lot of detail about the game.

In the interim you’ve got three short days to enter to win a $100 gift card from the store of your choice. All you have to do is say why you love your dad. The contest is on Zorbit’s site.