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Los Angelinos: Can We Talk?

I’m concerned about my city.

There’s an election on March 3rd and I’d like to vote away everyone who is ruining this city. I’d certainly begin with my councilwoman Wendy Gruel.

That would be the Wendy Gruel who doesn’t answer phone calls, the Wendy Gruel who sends me unsolicited mail to tell me what she’s *done for me* but won’t get rid of digital billboards, in fact her office is *not opposed* to them. The Wendy Gruel who was nowhere to be found when our neighborhood had a 4 day blackout.

The Wendy Gruel who is in tight with Villaraigosa.

The Wendy Gruel who turns a blind eye when the Galleria has massive billboards facing the freeway, and says that she doesn’t drive on the 405.

Can we talk about Nick Patsaouras who has business experience? Can we talk about having a plan for solar that includes reducing what we use? Can we talk about mass transit in a real way?

Read this, and tell me what you think.

I’d really like to go over this ballot with a fine tooth comb. Los Angeles is becoming unlivable. Villaraigosa has been the nail in the coffin of public education, and he’s slipped regressive taxes into every city utility possible.

Maybe Nick can audit the city and find some of our money?

I’m hopeful. Can we all get together and talk about this.

I’m worried, and I love living here.