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emergency planning

Emergency Kits, Lockdown and Los Angeles

Last week 9,000 students at LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) were kept at school until after 5pm. A LAUSD police officer had been shot, and the shooter had not been apprehended. There is a lockdown protocol in place, and students in nearby schools were kept in their classrooms. Neighborhoods were shut down and parents worried about their children.

That is what we do. We worry for the safety of our children. Nothing could be more normal.

This was an extraordinary event. A much more common emergency (around here) would be an earthquake. During college I remember hearing about tornado warnings, but I had no idea what part of the state I was actually living in so I worried a little less than a smarter girl would have.

I have a dozen earthquake kits scattered around the house and one in each car. They have blankets, first aid kits, water purification tablets, MRE’s and manual flashlights in them. I also keep cash in the house (but I’m weird about it so you’ll have to see the video to see just how weird) as well as a gun. I figure if the LAPD is on tactical alert I’m the only one who will take care of my family (well, Mr G will once he’s home) so our Lady Wesson isn’t for everyday but she’s part of the kit. I keep tons of bottled water as well as canned food, and I never let my¬†prescriptions¬†run out. I think being a refugee’s kid makes me a little over-prepared.

I’m very bad about keeping gas in my car. I know you’re supposed to do that.

My questions for you are twofold, what is your emergency and what goes into your emergency kits?

Also, watch the video for a really important tip on how to plan.