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Erik Ruhalter

Breastfeeding Will Not Bring Out The Perverts

I was going to give you a Friday Confession, but today ABC News printed a bit of my interview with them. Folks are yammering about how the Bebe Gluton doll is somehow dangerous for young girls. I’ve got a thunk on the head for them.

I’m not going to discuss the merits of breastfeeding. I’ll let the American Academy of Pediatrics do the talking. Not every baby is easily breastfed, I had two kids, one nursed, one didn’t. I’ll talk about why at a later date.

Here’s the issue, and it’s a big issue. Breastfeeding is not sexual. Some pseudo parenting expert out of New Jersey wrote a little column wherein he he made the leap from a breastfeeding doll to “Bebe Limp – The male doll who experiences erectile dysfunction“.

I’m a little concerned that anyone would take this seriously. Sadly Fox quoted this angry man.

My ongoing problem with the internet is the low barrier to entry. In 392 words Erik Ruhalter managed equate breastfeeding with erections, alcoholism, shotguns and rooftops.

Lest we take him too seriously, I’ve counted a few things.

392 words
seven exclamation points !!!!!!!
ten question marks ?????????? Including the title
four links to his super dee duper parenting book

I’m sure Erik is just the sort of parenting expert I’d call.

UPDATE: 2.25pm Erik has written an apology, he’s also written a book. Anyone big enough to stand up and admit a mistake in public deserves to sell a few books. Go say hi before the poor dear rocks in the corner sucking his thumb.