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The Price of Free

I’d committed to doing a little bit of work. It’s not much but it didn’t benefit me in any measurable way and it was work. It was at night and to be perfectly frank it’s sometimes good to just get out of the house. We’re all guilty of using an event as a night out.

Well, Mr. G came home Monday night and told me he had a work event Thursday night and that I should plan on him not being home until after 10 or so. I moaned, “But I have a work thing too and I’m totally committed. I’ll just call the sitter I guess.”

He asked me how much I was making and I told him nothing.

He asked me how it would help my business and I sort of shrugged.

He asked me how much we’d spend on childcare and why I thought the kids didn’t need my help with homework. Then he asked me if he could just write a check to the folks who conned me into working for free on the Thursday night and then the cost would only be monetary instead of emotional and physical too.

I cancelled because I have a family that comes first. I kind of feel like shit about it but I also kind of feel like that’s what you get when you decide to pay no one.

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