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Stop Talking to Girls this Way

Pink posted this message to Twitter. I think it was supposed to be a jab at Kim Kardashian in all her nudity.

pink tells girls how to be strong on twitter

Thanks but no thanks. You do not get to tellĀ other women that using their body, their sex, their tits or their asses to get attention isn’t okay when this is your profile picture.

That’s not how the world works.

Girls and young women may or may not use T&A to get ahead. Pink is certainly familiar how that works for us in certain industries.


pink body pink underwear pink-cover-main naked


You can feel self respect with tits and ass involved. Pink is typically full of great messages for young women. This was not one of them.

Heaven forbid you’re 22, show too much skin in the wrong situation and feel badly about it already. Do you need this lady making you feel worse?