I Want to Tell You A Story About Galpin Motors

Galpin Motors is known by all in Los Angeles as the region’s largest Ford Dealer. There are things you may not know about Galpin Motors. When a celebrity is interested in a car their publicist reaches out to Detroit and they are given celebrity pricing and sent to Galpin Ford. The cars are all delivered through Galpin. It’s … Read more

Goldberg and Gottlieb: Not a Law Firm

If Uncle Louie ever utters the phrase, “I’ve got an idea.” You’ll probably end up in the middle of a fantastic project, with your head spinning a little bit. If you read today’s Sachem Patch, you’ll know that I’m having a car built by Demented Customs. Not just any car though, a Mom Car. My … Read more

Things That Need Mentioning but Aren’t Quite a Post

My friend Jennifer is one of the finalists for Mamvation. In case you’re unaware, Leah Sedgie takes a Mom for a seven week lifestyle makeover. Mamavation picks one mom who needs to lose weight and gives them nutrition counseling, exercise counseling, medical advice and accountability. Jenny sent me an email that included: “I’m done being … Read more