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Boxed Water is Better: Giveaway

My friend Stephanie is working with the folks from Boxed Water and asked me if I like it. Could she send me some water?

Well, I do like it. In fact I buy it every time I’m at Bloomingdales and my friends like it too but I couldn’t really bring myself to work for water even if it came in a box. I don’t feel like “reviewing” water that I’ve been buying for ages anyhow so I’ll just tell you why it is that I buy it, get it on your radar a little and then do a giveaway so that you too can make the switch from a bottle to a box.
boxed water is better at bloomingdales

I keep a good amount of water in the trunk of my car in case there’s an earthquake which means that the water in my trunk is constantly heating up and cooling down. If it was in a plastic bottle that would nicely infuse the water with eau de plastic, not my favorite flavor. Also, like every earthquake kit everywhere it gets cannibalized. I forgot the reusable water bottle for the tennis match… again, so instead I just grab a box¬†from the trunk. If this was a case of bottles we all know what happens next: 23 rogue water bottles now roll around the trunk every time you take a corner. Boxes are just better.

Also they’re attractive. If you’ve got to have things around you it’s nice to have them be pleasing to the eye. Apparently there are a zillion green initiatives around Boxed Water, not the least of which involves shipping so if you’re curious look for that here.

The folks at Boxed Water is Better will be giving away a case of 24 boxes of water or three 8 packs, whichever you prefer. Good luck! And if you don’t win it’s not super spendy to grab your own.

Boxed Water