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I booked my daughter’s first behind the wheel driving lesson and not two hours later I got a save the date email from her school. It’s time to meet the college counselors. I am convinced that this daughter of mine learned to walk away from me and will never walk back toward us.

I’m also a little sick and therefore overtired and glum.

Then I went over the mountains of things that I’m overdue in sharing on my blog and saw this series of images


You see I’d been invited to a decidedly baby event and brought my friend and her baby. The first table was Corolle dolls and Analisse was mesmerized. She carried that doll everywhere with the stroller nearby. When we were looking at the most beautiful high chair in existence (it’s part of MoMa’s permanent shop collection) the baby had to come with us.

And as I was feeling neglected by my own child I remembered that I’d been to a zillion events in December and that I have an ergobaby Baby Carrier to give away from the same event. I don’t have experience with this but it was pretty and fluffy (hello handwarmers!) and the moms with tiny babies seemed to love it.

So here. It’s December. Let me give you something.

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