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Those Injections

This afternoon Mr. G was uncharacteristically available. He piled on the doctor’s appointments and mostly ran from one to the other. So at 3pm when I had Alexander in the car we caught Mr. G on the phone and had a chat about things to pick up from the pharmacy. He’s got a little back pain (cue the flood of chiropractors and MLM mommies) and was headed to a physician who was going to give him a cortisone injection. We chatted a bit and then hung up the phone.

At that point Alexander and I had the following conversation.

ALEXANDER: Is Dad sick?

ME: No, he’s just dealing with that back pain, you don’t need to worry about him.

ALEXANDER: Then why does he need medicine?

ME: I’m not sure, I’m guessing it has something to do with the injection he’s getting in his back.

ALEXANDER: So he’s not sick?

ME: No.

ALEXANDER: Is it like the injections the moms get in their lips?

ME: No.

Sometimes I think parenting in Los Angeles requires a different rule book.