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My Other Love

It’s been a tough week for Mr G. His shoulder surgery appears to be successful, but it wasn’t as small as we’d hoped for. He had three arthroscopic sites and then they cut off the end centimeter of his clavicle with traditional surgical tools. It was like a bris for his shoulder.

What was nice for us was the ability to spend some quiet time together. No, I’m not counting the time we spent with him sucking on Vicodin and me talking his ear off because he was in too much other pain to shut me up. I’m talking about the weekend, taking a few walks and generally enjoying one another.

I think everyone knows that the events in Egypt have me all riled up talking about net neutrality and the absolute need for a free flow of information online, even information you don’t like. I was trying to explain to Mr. G. how net neutrality is the issue that gets me all jangled and excited and sometimes I can’t even really make a sentence. I tried to explain to him how the Internet has changed lives, livelihoods, industry and governments. We talked about Wikileaks and Egypt, Mumbai, the Twitter Kids and Malaria No More. We talked about the culture of giving that is ever present online through open source software and the exchange of information. We talked about how sad it is that cyberbullying is everyone’s favorite soundbite but parents are speaking one language and kids are speaking another. I showed him and how it took me about 20 seconds to create a web page.

And then I realized that I have an “other” in my life. The Internet. My other love.