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Twitter Saved Me From A Cat

We have pets. We have Junior

Junior is a poodle. He is filthy and currently being groomed. Junior sleeps with the children and helps to wake them up each morning. Junior is a working dog.

Junior also catches birds. He is a five year old dog and he must have brought me a hundred birds, probably 20 a year is accurate.

Junior does not catch rodents. This is partly a good thing because we have a hamster in a cage, we also have a free range hamster. Currently we have a frog too, but I’m not feeding it so, hopefully it will die soon as did it’s friend.

Right now I’ve had it. There are three empty rat traps in my house, one of them was $50, the peanut butter has been nibbled off, but there are no dead rodents. At this point I wouldn’t even care if there was a dead hamster, I just want something to die and Junior is useless.

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