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Kevin Staab

Tony Hawk Ride Review: Kevin Staab

Yesterday Tony Hawk invited a group of us to his offices in San Diego to check out his new game peripheral. Here’s my takeaway from the day.

  • The peripheral is well thought out, according to Kevin Staab it was designed by the same folks as the iPod. I believe that, it’s stunning. It looks just like a skateboard deck but it has sensors everywhere.
  • You can do tricks with said board, unfortunately I do not know the name of the tricks, an ollie is basic, I suck at ollies.
  • You can grip the sides of the board and it will sense it, the rider will appear to be gripping the board as well.
  • Moms who grip the sides of the board (deck… whatever) sometimes lose their balance and fall off the deck
  • There are many levels of this, although it was clearly a press day, and everyone was on their best behavior the 40+ year old skaters were having a lot of fun too

The game will be released November 17th, I have a suspicion that they’ll sell out before X-Mas. I’d recommend moving fast, your kids will want this. I’m willing to bet that this will be the sell out toy of the Holiday Gift Season

It’s good on all platforms: Wii (you can play as Tony, his friends, or a Mii), Playstation 3, and XBox360

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