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Cirque du Soleil KOOZA Review

Kooza Cirque du soleilStunning. Go see it now.

Earlier in the month the folks at Cirque Du Soliel gave my family passes to see their newest show Kooza. As the Sunday evening rolled around my husband and son were too tired from baseball and soccer to attend. My son is eight years old, I think on a good day Kooza would be a little much for an eight year old boy with shpilkes.

Since I had two extra seats I was a little surprised when our neighbor’s nine year old daughter asked if she could join us. She had seen the show just a week before and enjoyed it. I thought she was nuts, but we took her along with.

Kooza is startling in it’s beauty. If you’ve ever been to a Cirque show you know that they are dramatic storytellers. Kooza speaks to it’s audience in a way that I’ve never before seen. There’s a tale of being an outcast, moments of inclusion, humor, beauty for it’s own sake and the embrace of something a little gritty, and outside your comfort zone.

The costumes are spectacular. The colors are swirls of heaven that reach from the tips of the performer’s hair to the soles of their shoes, and at times it’s difficult to discern the difference between makeup, costume and fantasy.

Kooza was a treat that delighted my eyes and lifted my spirits. If you attend at the Santa Monica location leave plenty of time for parking, as the lots will fill early. Also Moms, if you bring your children make sure they are ready. We sat next to a little one who not only couldn’t sit still but he had light up shoes. Since I know a lot of parents read me, I’ll ask you now to ditch the light up shoes for Kooza, for movie theaters and any other setting where you might disturb someone else in the dark.

I’m going to recommend Kooza for everyone 10 and up and matinees for everyone 5 and up. It’s expensive, and it’s worth every penny.