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Honey, Do You Think I Have A Pretty Vagina?

You know how there’s always that one guy who likes to go to a bar, drink too much and pick a fight with the puny guy in the corner? I’m a little like that. I like to have a second glass of wine and ask my husband a question that will make him squirm.

Don’t judge me, I find it entertaining.

Last night I said to my husband, “How does my vagina look to you?”

He gave me a befuddled look I’m familiar with, and then he started checking out the ceiling (I think he worries about roof leaks). With a huge sigh, he said, “It looks like a vagina. It’s a hole with some stuff around it.”

“Right, but how does it look compared to other ones?” (this question is a little like an IQ test)

“I don’t know what other ones look like. Why are you asking me me this?” He stifled a giggle and I realized he had, in fact, passed my IQ test.

“Because I saw that labiaplasty is the number one plastic surgery. I’m wondering why.”

My husband had no answer for me. I did a quick google search on Labiaplasty and found this site, I’m adding no follow tags to it, because the thought of providing them more traffic kills me.

As far as I can tell, labiaplasty is designed to make adult women look like little girls. What does it say about the mother of a little girl when you’re busy pulling your public hair out and tucking your genitals up?  If you’re a 25 year old porn star trying to look seventeen, labiaplasty just might be for you.

I’m not against plastic surgery, not by a long shot (I’m just too afraid of pain), but I’m trying to understand what could make a woman think that she needs to “fix” her vagina, and if there is a woman physician performing this procedure.