Sprint M2M Sponsored a 5K to Honor Connor Lynch & I Just Cried

I’ve spent the last six months working very closely with Sprint M2M (machine to machine). In addition to a zillion other devices there are OBD2 diagnostic devices that run on the Sprint M2M network. These devices plug into the diagnostic port of your vehicle and share information with the vehicle owner. Because I am surrounded … Read more

Jane is About to be Grounded for the Rest of Her LIFE

Earlier this week I got an email. Here is the exact text: Hi! Just letting you know that Jane volunteered for the 6:45-7:30 shift at the pancake breakfast.  If this is a problem, please let know! I’ll leave the front gate popped open so people can get into the school. See you then! What am … Read more

Lolita Carrico: My Experience with the Influencer and Grifter

Sometime in the past few years a grifter by the name of Lolita Carrico entered my life. An honest to goodness con-artist with a story that would make the producers over at Dateline slobber. In the past three months, there have been phone calls from a half dozen people owed money, law enforcement, and ex-spouses. … Read more