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We Brought Static Back From NYC

We got back from New York City on New Year’s Eve. Yes, that was three days ago, and I’m just finishing the laundry.

The first load was fine, and then when I went to transfer the second load from washer to dryer all I could hear was the zing of static electricity. I’d recently decided to try Method laundry soap and softener (I thought it would be nice to have lighter bottles to lift), so I figured that it just wasn’t doing the job that my beloved Tide and Downey could do.

I ran to the market on New Year’s Day to grab bottles of Tide and Downey, rewashed the clothes with all the proper pollutants in place…

Went to put them in the dryer, and there was snapping and zinging once again.

I think New York City is the static-iest place on earth, and I have no clue how to get my clothes presentable.