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Lego friends

Lego: The Message for Girls is… Sad in Lavender

There’s bad news everywhere today. I just sat down to check my emails and my aunt sent me one with a subject line that says NO!!!!! and a link to the new Lego Friends site.

This is the landing page for Lego friends.


This is the landing page for the regular Lego site.


I love Legos. I loved playing with them with both my children when they were little and now that the kids knock me out of the way I’ve been known to sit alone and put together the architectural series on my own.

We have issues. We have very smart women and girls being told that they aren’t of value unless they are adorable/sexy/fashionable.

When I called the LEGO group at 1-800-838-9647 to give a little feedback they explained to me that Lego Friends is the result of four years of research including research where girls said they wanted more realistic characters. They’re LEGO, they used to be the best. Now, they’re LEGO and they still have great toys, but maybe they don’t think girls need great toys?

Please LEGO. Please stop telling my daughter that her brain doesn’t matter.