At 6:25 this morning I was half awake sending an email to someone from Alexander’s school when my house moved. It wasn’t a normal earthquake, it was the second largest earthquake I’d felt in my lifetime and I was scared. It’s the second time an earthquake truly scared me, the first time was in 1994 … Read more

That Saturday Night When We Bought Not-John a Drink

Laurie and Sean moved to San Francisco. Laurie likes the weather there, Sean likes the work there and I like nothing about the move. Not one thing. In fact I’m still having abandonment issues. Shortly after they moved Laurie was celebrating her birthday and I wanted to fly up for the weekend but my schedule … Read more

Who is Worth Saving?

The New York Times profiled an 11 year old homeless girl Dasani. Dasani is different. She’s smart and fast and she’s the de facto caretaker of her seven younger siblings. She lives in s shelter with her parents and siblings where they play host to vermin, roaches and mold. Indoor plumbing is iffy, Dasani’s mother … Read more