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Obese Kids Need their Parents to Change

Childhood obesity gets me riled up. Since parents bring groceries into the home, are in charge of media consumption and after school activities I see childhood obesity as being an issue that lands squarely on the parents’ lap.

Clearly there are a few children in the world who have medical issues and for whom weight gain is unavoidable. For the rest of our children they are obese because of parental neglect. It’s horrible when you’ve failed your child. I have failed mine in quite a few ways, recently medically, and I’ll talk about that another day.

Go to your facebook page, someone has posted a class picture. This is mine from 1979. I was in the fourth grade. I’d don’t see one fat kid. It’s not about looking good or being cute, you’re looking at a couple dozen healthy kids. Does this look like a fourth grade classroom today?

Kudos to Georgia for finally taking care of it’s children. Let’s hope that the state provides them with healthful school lunches and joyful physical education.

Fat acceptance and pandering to self esteem is killing your children. Just watch these videos made by five brave kids. If you want to help a child worry less about their feelings short term and worry more about their health in the short and long term. Kids aren’t stupid, they know they’re fat and they need help. They need a whole community to change around them.

Be the change.

Jaden has withdrawn
Maritza has hypertension
Tina doesn’t want to be picked on
Tamika has type two diabetes
Bobby’s parents have ignored his obesity