A Better Blogger Would Be Sharing a Blowjob Photo With You Right Now

This afternoon Junior needed a walk. Wait, let me rephrase that. This afternoon I took Junior on my short walk. Well, that’s not quite right either. This afternoon I needed to bring my neighbors their mail (you see it’s quite often delivered to my home) and when Junior saw me reaching for the front door … Read more

Things I Know About Marriage & Careers After 15 Years

This should be a two-word post. Not much. I don’t know much about marriage and careers even though I’ve been married for over 15 years. I suspect many things and I know a lot about my marriage but I don’t know a lot about other people’s marriages. I ask about them and certainly, I observe … Read more

The Only Thing Better than an Hour of Tennis is Two Hours of Tennis

The Facebook, G+ and Twitter fast is going better than I’d ever imagined. I have seen a drop off of readership here and I’m sorry about that but I try to tell myself that at some point my friends will think, “I haven’t heard from Jessica in a while. Maybe I should check her blog.” … Read more