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married life

Talking to My Husband About How I Look

I’ve done the unthinkable. I’ve shared my age and my weight in a public forum and I’ve lied about neither one. Earlier today my husband and I were out and about and we had the following conversation.

MR. G: You look good. Are you feeling better?

ME: How do I look good?

MR. G: [smirking] You just look, you know, good.

ME: Is there a specific part of me that looks good?

MR. G: All of you [more smirking].

ME: Do my eyes look good? Maybe my lips?

MR. G: All of you looks good.

ME: Have I lost weight?

MR. G: You didn’t need to lose weight.

ME: But maybe I lost weight. Do I look thinner to you?

MR. G: Uh, no, you just look good.

ME: But how do I look good.

MR. G: I’m not stupid.

Then I went on to tell him that I’ve been back to the gym, but not tennis just yet. I also told him that I’ll be running a half marathon for the first time since my RA appeared, and he was (as usual) incredibly supportive and sweet. Which is good, because I haven’t lost any weight this week.