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Mindy Roberts

The One Where We Disagree About A Mother’s Role In Bullying

This week at Momversation we talked about Bullying, Bullicide and a mother’s responsibility to her kids and the kids around her.

Mindy recently confronted her daughter’s bullies. At school. On the yard.

When Jane was in second grade she didn’t get along very well with another little girl. There was no campaign to harass, there was no ganging up on anyone, it wasn’t bullying, it was just two kids not really liking each other. Jane came home from school, at age seven, freaked out because the little girl’s mother had “talked” to Jane on the yard, telling her that she was mean, that she was going to be in trouble, and that she had to be nice to her daughter.

Jane still hates that kid.

I might have promised the mother that I’d, “shove her Mercedes up her ass if she ever so much as looked at my daughter again.”  or I might not have.

But I think y’all know that I probably did.

With that in mind, here is this week’s Momversation