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Mitch Surprenant

Tech Talk Tuesday: Copyright, Flickr and Photography

It’s really great when you’re a blogger to include photos in your posts. I don’t do it, because I take crummy pictures, my mom takes great pictures, and she posts one almost every day at iPhone Gran. Check it out, you’ll like it.

Here’s the issue with photography. It’s simple to go to google or flickr and search for an image. What comes next is actual work, and I tend to avoid it.

Let’s say I go to Flickr and search for roses. I might come across this:

Photos of roses @mitchsurp

Courtesy of @mitchsurp

If you take a look there’s a watermark across the bottom indicating that it’s a stolen picture.

Much like the music industry has to fight piracy, writers and photographers do too. My work is my own. That it’s here on a blog is, in fact, a little silly, but it is work nonetheless. You may not have it unless you pay me.

If you are looking for a photo to add to your blog post, flickr is a wonderful resource. All you need to do is be sure that it’s copyright free. Let me show you how.
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