Conflicted About Blogging

In a few weeks I’ll be joining 3,000 or so women at BlogHer. It’s a big blogging conference for women and I’d went once before when it was in Chicago. I have mixed feelings about it. Although I’m not part of the BlogHer ad network, and I don’t participate in their community BlogHer has paved … Read more

How Much Money Do Mommy Bloggers Make? Tech Talk Tuesday

Last night there was a ridiculous fascinating discussion on twitter about how much Mommy Bloggers make. Well, if you want to sponsor a post my rates are public over at Social Spark. Note, that I’ve taken exactly one sponsored post with them thus far, why? Because even with cash being flung my way, I’ve got … Read more

Mommy Blogging from Virgin Airlines @35,000 Feet

There are bruises on my shin because the six year old next to me  fidgets and squirms. I don’t care at all, I miss my own two so much I can no longer be kind to adults. I need to get back to my kids. I can’t stop thinking about the 140 Conference. I took … Read more