ecoATM – Cash for Mobile Devices (Which I May or May Not Hoard)

There might be a Palm Pilot in my nightstand drawer right now. There was definitely an iPhone 4 (not even a 4s) on my dresser up until last week. It didn’t do much of anything and hadn’t been moved except for dusting for years. So because I do everything for you guys (and because ecoATM asked me … Read more

Is Mom Blogging A Time Consuming Hobby or a Career?

The Mom Blogiverse is aflutter about a post by Amy Suardi over at Frugal Mom where she announces that she is no longer in the business of blogging. In addition to hitting on every point that a work at home mom would feel conflicted about she states the following: Jockeying for attention in the age … Read more

This Is How Much Bloggers Get Paid?

The question on everyone’s mind is How much does a blogger make? Folks ask me this all the time, not in so many words, but they ask with their awkward phrasing. So, you’re a mommy blogger? Is that a hobby? Or When you say “work” what is it that you mean, exactly? Every so often … Read more